Sep 18, 2009

Quotes From the Penguins

"Mom, Nate and I were running races out in the yard. I won the first race because, well, Nate didn't exactly know we were racing."

Kaytie asked him to stop doing something that was annoying her. He responded, "I'm going to do it anyway!" I told him to be more polite and pointed out that he should stop since she asked nicely. "But, Mom," he said, "If I do it, you will still love me!"

"Mom, I got a joke. Why did the duck eat soup? Because he had quackers on his head!"

We were singing together, and I mixed up the words on purpose. She stopped me, "No. No!"
So I smiled at her and asked, "Is that not the way it goes?"
She patted me on the arm and said, "You so cute, Mom!"

I was cooking supper when she flew through the kitchen fussing about her foot hurting. She didn't seem that distressed about it, so I blew her a feel-better kiss as she went by. She jabbered something about a bandaid, so I told her, "Go show it to Daddy, and he will see if you need a bandaid."
"No, Mom!" She said, showing me the sidewalk chalk she had dug out of the playroom, "I draw it!"


One More Equals Four said...

Too cute! I especially love Abbie telling you you are so cute! Children say the cutest things. I have been really convicted lately that I have become so stressed out and worried about little things that I am missing those precious little moments! Great reminder!

joelle said...

I always enjoy reading these! So cute!


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