Sep 13, 2009

Totschool: boats, Noah, and Bb

Week two of school is never as smooth and worry-free as the first week. Abbie did not choose to work as long each morning as she did last week, but she still got some fun things in.
Our focus this week was on Noah, boats, and the letter Bb.

Our "b" box.

She enjoyed putting together ABC puzzles.

She likes puzzles a lot. But her favorites are ABC puzzles, because when she is finished, she can sing the ABC song, and she lives to sing. :)

She went "fishing" for boats with a magnetic wand. (because I could not find the fishing pole)

She extended this activity by pulling all the paperclips off and putting them back on again. She was very proud of her ability to do this!

She sorted bears by color. She was only supposed to sort out the blue ones, but she got carried away and sorted them all. Then each color gathered around and had a little party.

She worked with rainbow stickers,

colored pictures of boats and rainbows (not pictured),

and did LOTS of stamping. I finally had to stop giving them paper or she would never have stopped!
She matched pictures of animals with their babies.
This was probably the highlight of the week (for me). She knew to match the colors, but she struggled to pinch open the clothespins.

She was delighted when she figured out how to do it.

And thrilled when she finished it "all by mysef!"
(apparently, big sister was proud of her, too!)

I gave them colored beads and pipe cleaners to make rainbows. I have seen this activity all over the Internet in various forms, but I had to think a bit on how to put the rainbows together. I have seen it with Styrofoam and with play dough, but I wasn't about to give them Styrofoam, and they are still "grounded" from play dough. I finally settled on the top of our sugar shaker, and it worked very well.

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Susana said...

She is working so hard on her little creation and looks so proud of it too! What a great picture!

The Activity Mom said...

Great activities! I let B stamp the other day and ink was EVERYWHERE! I need to find some washable ink or something because it is such a neat thing for them to do.

lifewiththelyngs said...

My daughter loves stamping too - something about it!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

We have a couple of those ABC puzzles too. I love the look of concentration on her face and how proud she was to be able to do the clips! Great post!

Michelle said...

You did so many great activities. I like the clothespin color matching!


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