Sep 19, 2009

Totschool: C, Clouds and Elijah

This week, Abbie learned the letter C, read about clouds and weather, and listened to the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

The C box.

Alphabet Bingo. That's what we call it, but we play it differently than real Bingo, because they have to cover all nine letters to win. And Mommy knows how to manipulate the deck so that the kids see all twenty-six letters before the game is over. :) I made these cards way back when for Kaytie and Nate, that is why they are uppercase. I'm in the process of making a lowercase set.

Abbie LOVES this game. Since they are still learning letter recognition, I will show them the card and say, "Does anyone have a C? It looks like this." And we will say it's sound, trace the letter, whatever, as much as I am not distracted with other kids at the time.

So Abbie picked this over and over and over all week. Then, on Friday, I looked up from helping Nate with his math, and saw her in the middle of a game, flipping over the cards herself, asking, "Do I have one of these? No? Nope!" or "Yes! Here it is! Put a dot on it!"

She played two games by herself, then spent a good amount of time making a caterpillar with the dots.

She played with legos. Technically, this was not school, but on her own time. She had put her mat away and gone outside with the little boys, gotten bored, and came back in to build. But I love her little tongue in this picture, so I stuck it in. :) I guess this could be considered "extra-curricular activities"?

This one, too. This was Dance Night. One of the kids favorite things to do.

She did stamping and coloring: a favorite every single week.

Do you notice a theme in her color choices?

She drew on the wipe-off ABC cards.

She read a lot of books.

And she made some more rainbows. (This day, Ballarina Bear came to school, and napped beside Abbie as she worked all day long.)

This was their favorite work all week long. I put a thimbleful of water in the container and outlined the rules VERY firmly.

There was some spilling, but she cleaned it up very very well. :) At the beginning of the week, I had to guide her in picking up the jars with her whole hand, not just the tips of her fingers, and demonstrate how to slowly and carefully pour the water. But by the end of the week, she could do this totally on her own, including taking the lids off without spilling any water.

Blowing clouds was also a hit this week.

As were the geometric shapes in the Mystery Bag.

"What is it?"

"It's a hemisphere!"

"This is fun!"

She played with the dress-up bears.

And built with tiny pattern blocks.
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Mari-Ann said...

Great ideas - can't wait to try the cloud blowing with my son. :) Thanks for sharing!!


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