Sep 19, 2009

Week Three

This week, the kids made "gold coins" after we read about Columbus and the other Spanish explorers quest for gold. We read online about Spanish coins and how it was more important how much a coin weighed than what it looked like. The kids used sculpy, playdough tools, and plastic coins to create their own money.

In art, they drew around shapes. They really enjoyed this, and loved the way it looked when they were finished.

I drew two black lines on their paper and they had to come up with the rest of the picture. This was our most "successful" art project to date. :) Kaytie's pictures are on the left and Nate's are on the right.

For science, they learned about bird parts, and then reviewed by matching cards. I found these online somewhere last spring for free. I knew I would use them so I printed them off and cut them up, and then forgot where I found them!

They also read about animal habitats and played with our habitat set.

We started our new Bible curriculum.

We practiced our dictionary skills.

And had some fun "free choices". I don't know what he is doing with his hand! lol This is a bowling set I found at Dollar Tree many moons ago.

In Geography, we learned about Canada,

and put together puzzles.

This is one of our math games: grocery shopping!

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Julie said...

Looks like a fun week! I forget where I find stuff on the internet all the time lol. I'm just glad it's there! Btw, my 5yo guessed that our pumpkin would float. ;)


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