Sep 12, 2009

Week Two: Boats, Noah and Bb

The second week of school was a little harder. The new has worn off, (for mommy as well) so we struggled a bit with that. Soon, we will get into the routine. And there were other issues that made it a hard week as well.

This week we were learning about B, Noah, boats and the color blue. The kids know their colors and shapes fairly well, so most of our focus was on boats and letters and our Bible story.

However, my first picture has nothing to do with any of those. These are farm magnets that the kids "free play" with. The silver tray is metal, so the magnets stick nicely.

He also played with his dump-trucks and popcorn a lot. This is his all-time favorite thing! He will play with this until he gets wild and I have to step in and make him put it away.

He did alphabet puzzles...

several different alphabet puzzles.

He went fishing for boats with a magnet wand. I just printed off pictures of boats and slipped paperclips onto each card. We have, somewhere, a little fishing pole with a magnet on the end, but I couldn't find where the kids put it, so we had to improvise with the magnet wand. I actually made this many many years ago, but it was nice that the different types of boats went almost perfectly with our boat books, so we had the opportunity to talk many times about the different types of boats and their uses.

I printed off a sheet of boats, and put dots on clothespins. Daniel figured this out while watching me show it to his cousin, and he was proud to show me he could do it, too!

This one was my favorite of the week, even though the kids only chose it a couple of times. Beads, pipe cleaners (cut in half) and the top of our sugar shaker, all combined to make a rainbow.

Daniel worked very hard to make his rainbow, then he pulled it apart and entertained himself with the supplies.

They were supposed to sort out the blue bears, but Daniel sorted all the bears by color. He is such an over-achiever! :)

He also did a lot of coloring and stamping. He put rainbow stickers on a card.

He played Alphabet Bingo, matched Mommy and Baby Animal cards, and read books. We didn't get to our supervised craft for the week, which was to be making boats from different shapes. We also never got around to floating boats in water.
Our favorite boat books for the week:
I Love Boats by Flora McDonnell
The Boat Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta
This Boat by Paul Collicutt
Boats Afloat by Shelley Rotner
Captain Duck by Jez Alborough
Bertie and Small and the Brave Sea Journey by Vanessa Cabban
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Susana said...

I love your counting/sorting bears.

I appreciate your comment about "playing with it until he gets wild and I have to step in...." this so often happens with things in our home!

I hope you feel better this upcoming week too. I think you had a super week, did tons and did an awesome job personally:-)!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I like the idea of fishing with paper clips. I plan to make the same game for my daughter with her first sight words :)


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