Sep 13, 2009

Week Two:

This week was a hard week, for reasons other than school. Well, I had a hard time with school, but the kids managed to stay focused and cranked out a lot of work. We are starting to struggle with Latin, which only got worse when I lost the cute little flashcards I had made. I'm hoping we will rise above it next week and get it together.

There was reading... do YOU think he is comfy? lol

There was writing. Kaytie has, besides her blog-writing assignments, journal writing once a week. Kaytie and Nate are 13 months apart, but they have always done their work together. When I started Kaytie in pre-school, Nate was not about to be left out of the fun, and he has always managed to keep up with her when he is not surpassing her. Neither kid seems bothered by this, so I just go with the flow. BUT, she IS a year older, so every year I give her one or two things that are just for her. Last year, it was spelling, this year, she keeps a journal of sorts.
Anyway, if you are still around after that long-winded explanation of something you were not wondering about...
Anyway, here, she is writing a poem about a giraffe.
I once saw a giraffe
That was not meant to laugh.

There was also some spelling. I read them the words from here and they used our homemade spelling tiles to sound them out. Cheating, I know, but very cheap. :) These words were incredibly easy for them, so we will hustle through them and start on Second Grade words very soon.

Kaytie enjoyed exploring the Science Box. This is just a bowl with shells, leaves, sticks, some fake stuff, rocks, and whatever they drag in from outside. I included some magnifying glasses for a closer look and some paper and crayons/pencils for recording purposes and let them have at it.

For art, we are studying "line", so they had fun drawing with different sorts of lines.

Some of us do art more scientifically than artistically.

For math, we worked on addition. They have the concept of addition and subtraction down pat, so I want them to have the facts memorized so that they can do it fast in their heads. These bug cards are only one step in accomplishing that goal.

They also worked on money skills.

And telling time.
Kaytie also spent some time playing with a little paper calendar we got from the library, and figured out that "if today is September 12th then tomorrow will be September 13th"! It means much more to all of us when the kids have these epiphanies.

They sorted common and proper nouns. They understand the difference, they just can't seem to remember which is which. So I fixed up these cards for practice.

In our reading about Columbus, we have reached the point where he discovered land, so we made spyglasses so they could play Columbus in the yard. It was a success.

We finished up our "freehand" study of the Bible with a week on Abraham, so the kids did a crossword and made star pictures. Next week, we will be starting this.
Playing tic-tac-toe was a fun free-choice. Kaytie has figured out the strategy of the game, so Nate got mad that she won every game. So she let him win and that injured his manly pride.
:( Sometimes men can be soooo difficult to live with!
In Geography this week, we learned about Mexico. We colored a map and the flag. We read lots and lots of books. We learned the Mexican Hat Dance (we never did quite get it down, but we laughed a lot). And we played Fronton. Well, our version of it, at least. One is supposed to hit the ball with one's hand, but I knew that was not happening, so I had them throw the ball to bounce off the wall.

and race to catch it.

It went really well until Nate tried to cheat and wound up losing the ball in the vines.

Our recipe this week was Mexican Sugar Candy...

It was fun to make, and the kids had a taste last night, but it has been in the fridge for 24 hours now and still hasn't hardened. I don't know if we didn't do it right, or if it is supposed to stay liquidy and not harden like taffy?
For more Weekly Wrap-ups, go here. :)


Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

That was a full week, lots of hands on fun! For proper nouns you can say "Kaytie is a proper lady" and that may help them remember names are proper...just an idea :)

Sarah@HomeschoolinRealLife said...

I've got a math loving 5yo, but she likes to have counters. Memorizing the facts was very hard - and dull - for me, so I wouldn't say that I have it down pat myself. I've got to think of a fun way for her to memorize these things. I'd love to hear more about what you're doing for that.


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