Oct 2, 2009

Blog Update

I updated my blurking list on the sidebar of my blog. There's a lot there. (I love the following option on blogger, because I don't have to roam around looking to see if anyone has blogged, they just show up on my dashboard if they have. Too cool.) So I was going to sort my list into categories... only problem is... with the exception of my husband's blog (his is the sad little one at the very very bottom because he hasn't posted in a year (well, actually, NEVER) but I keep it here in the hopes that someday he will think of it again, decide to post something and need to find it... I can just send him here.) everyone I follow is either a homeschooling mom, or a mom with lots of kids,or just a mom, or just a homeschooling mom with lots of kids, or an infrequently posting niece. How do I sort that? So, sorry, you are on your own sifting through my blog list.


My Boys' Teacher said...

LOL! As the owner of the most heavily categorized blogroll ever I can assure you that I could come up with some categories...but they wouldn't be very meaningful. Your blog list isn't *that* long...believe me. I kind of like poking around not knowing what I'll find. I really don't see any reason for you to have to organize it. Mine's the way it is because it has a specific purpose. Yours is fine just the way it is! Love your blog!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for including mine on your blurking list!!


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