Oct 23, 2009

Living Math Update: books and websites

We have incorporated books into our math learning.

These are books the kids have read or are working with.

Hersey Kisses math series by Jerry Pallotta (he is currently my favorite kid's author. We LOVE his alphabet books, and now I've found these!)

How Much is a Million? by David M. Schwartz

These are the books from which I am pulling ideas.

Games for Math by Peggy Kaye (this is my favorite so far, and I am eyeing her other books as well. I read here that she has a website!)

Measurement Mania by Lynette Long (a lot of these ideas are too old for my kids, but there are some good ones in there and some that I can adapt for our use.)

Family Math by Jean Kerr Stenmark (this one is so full of ideas that I am having to work my way through it s-l-o-w-l-y!)

I found all of these books at the library. I can keep them on teacher-loan for six weeks, so I am taking my time and pulling out all the ideas I think I will use and making the stuff I need to use them.

Also, I am reading everything I can find online.

My favorite blog is Pumpkin Patch. Her boys are about the same age/level as mine, and she is rife with awesome ideas and games.

Blog, She Wrote doesn't have as many ideas, but what she has are good. It was from her that I stole the idea of math journals. Although mine are not as in-depth as hers.

Mathwire is another good place to look.
And, of course, there is the site dedicated to living math that is full of information!

I am a'thirst for information about this method of math learning, so if you have any books or websites to suggest, I would love to hear them!


Adriana said...

Thank you for the links to the math sites! I am always looking for help in the math department.

Sadie said...

I love the Jerry Pallotta books too. I am always looking for Living Math ideas. We frequently get the book Family Math from our library. I belong to a yahoo group too....I think I linked to it from the living math website....

Adriana said...

Re: United Nations Day post The tour company that I used to take my students to Mexico was EF tours. They send me magazines all of the time but there are no trips in my future. (At least not until the boys are bigger. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


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