Oct 24, 2009

PreK, David and Goliath and G

Daniel learned the story of David and Goliath this week. Available on his shelves were lots of Big and Little activities. What he chose was:

lots and lots of stamping. He loves these little sheets where he can put one stamp in each square. I always put out two, one for him and one for Abbie, but he always winds up using them both.

He hunted for small objects in a box of beans. This was a VERY BIG HIT!

He also really like matching tiny pictures to big ones using a magnifying glass.

He chose to read books.

He also definitively revealed a talent for drawing this week. We have been marveling over his ability to color in the lines for quite some time now, but this week, he pulled out the Magnadoodle and just started drawing.

These are his snails.

This is his happy pumpkin.

This is his caterpillar.

These pictures are all his own. He decides what he is going to draw and he draws it. His circles are already better than mine!

And he went on a nature walk/picnic with the family. He had a lot of fun skipping rocks, gathering leaves, rocks, pine cones, duck feathers, and pine needles to take home to play with.

And finally, we worked some with Progressive Phonics. He enjoyed this, especially when he sounded out his very first word! :) It occurred to me, that everything he has learned in his little life so far he has learned very quickly and he has seen a reason to learn it. So the sweet little method of phonics that I used with Kaytie and Nate probably aren't going to fly with him. He needs to "get" why we care what sound the letter makes. So we are going to spend more time one on one with this program and with some games that I am creating for the purpose.

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Hey, did you notice that I gave you an award last week? Sorry it has taken me so long to let you know!



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