Oct 29, 2009

Seven things you never really wondered about

I got an award! :) Awards are always fun to get and to pass on, but this one is super-cool because it is from an awesome lady who's blog I just love to read. She posts often, which inspires me to at least post, ;) and she is lovely and gracious. She loves books more than I do, which I never would have thought possible for another human to do. :) My Kaytie loves hearing stories about her Jemimah. But most of all, she is from Australia, which means I get to learn about another culture as I enjoy her musings. Thank you, Jeanne, for this award!

These are the rules:
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1. Thank the person who gave this to you
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers & let them know they are nominated.

(So, first of all, I'm assuming the "no one" means Blogland people, because I could never come up with seven things my husband does not know about me! And it would take a long long time to come up with seven things my family does not know about me.)

1. I'm addicted to the Internet. It is my recreation as well as my information super-highway. Seriously, anything I want to know, I google it. Everything from homeschooling ideas, to recipes, to trivia facts that I'm curious about, to present ideas, to my own zip code. I also use it to keep up with family and friends. I have even made friends on the Internet. ;)

2. I hate to cook. I don't really care that much for food, period. I would prefer to live on chocolate and sweet tea. So I am eagerly awaiting the day when my oldest daughter can do all the cooking for me. (She is eagerly awaiting that day as well!)

3. I'm addicted to holidays, too. I love love love making each holiday special for the kids. We like to have quirky treats and play fun games on holidays. We celebrate every holiday we can squeeze in!

4. I am allergic to earrings. I had my ears pierced when I was about four or so, and my ears promptly swelled up and never went back down again. Not even hypo-allergenic ones would do the trick. (and by "never" I mean until the earrings were removed). This is the main reason the girls don't have their ears pierced. I wanted to make sure they would be able to tell me if anything was wrong.

5. I have two main fears. One, of heights, which has never stopped me from doing anything I want to do. And one, of little creatures who have no legs. The ones who were the only animal specifically cursed by God. I have such a paranoia of these things that my kids know not to mention them in my presence and will even alert me in stores or while reading a book to "don't look over there!"

6. My husband was the first guy I ever kissed. :)

7. I do not remember not knowing how to read. And I have been a bookworm my entire life. I used to buy books for my future children when I was only a teenager.

The bloggers I would like to pass this award on to are:

Star (one of my favorite bloggers with a good sense of humor. She is great about keeping it real!)
Pumpkin Patch (a terrific place to find living math ideas, and other fun stuff)
Melissa (a beautiful blog, and she just happens to be my SIL)
Shady Bayou (lots of good science ideas here, and two adorable little boys who are always up to something and always make me smile)
Ten Kids and a Dog (always something going on at this blog! This is one of my favorite blogs to read.)
Julie (another blog I just enjoy reading. She has book reviews that I enjoy, especially since she always picks books I have never heard of before. Very cool.)
Testosterhome (you never know what you are going to find here... excitement, adventure, funny stories, or words that make you think. I happened across this blog by accident a long time ago and just haven't been able to stay away. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she has five boys and I grew up with six big brothers, so I feel right at home on her blog! lol)

I read many other blogs, and enjoy each one. (check out my blog roll!) But I could only pick seven, so I shut my eyes and pointed. lol Not really. These are all great blogs to read!

(ps: "blog" should really not be considered a mis-spelled word on a blog spell checker, don't ya think?)


Ruby said...

Just popped over from Jeanne"s blog and read your 7 interesting bits of information.
You have a lovely family and blog.
I've enjoyed a ittle look around here. Thanks for having me.

Leptir said...


One More Equals Four said...

I am honored, thank you! I will try to get on this sometime this week. I have hardly blogged at all this week and am SO far behind!

Thanks so much for thinking of me!

God bless!

Jeanne said...

Hey, thanks for saying such nice things about me!

I love reading about your gorgeous fam as well. Mutual admiration society here!

I was allergic to earrings as well. Then mum discovered that 24k gold was okay. Expensive but okay. This may explain why I only own a couple of pairs of earrings!


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