Oct 24, 2009

Totschool: G is for Giant

Our story this week was David and Goliath, so we read and talked about opposites, specifically Big and Little.
Abbie used a magnifying glass to match big and little pictures. (I got this idea and the free printables from My Montessori Journey)

She sequenced pumpkins by size. I printed off these pumpkins from my photoshop program, then attached magnet strips from Dollar Tree to the back.

She sorted pompoms by size. She really loved this! She loves anything "baby" and she just ooohed and ahhhhed over the little bitty pompoms!

She sorted big pumpkins from small candycorns.

As usual, she colored and stamped a lot. She and Daniel will use up every sheet of paper I give them each day. When I refuse to hand out any more paper, they will move on to other activities.

She transferred pumpkins with tweezers. At least, that is what she was supposed to do, and she gave it a good try, but she had to use her hand to help the tweezers out.

This alphabet puzzle is a favorite of hers whenever it shows up on her shelf.

There are always books available on her shelf, but some days/weeks she pretends they aren't there, and some days/weeks, she is all over them. This was a book week. She even picked books I have set out for the big kids to read!

One warm evening, we went on a picnic/nature walk, and the kids fed the ducks, skipped rocks (before the ducks got there) and gathered pine cones, feathers, leaves, and rocks.

This picture isn't truly a Totschool picture. The little kids got up from nap before the big kids were finished with school, and I took this picture as an answer to the never-ending question, "What do your little ones do during school?"
Abbie, as you can see, reads to her babies.

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Denise said...

I love all the sorting by size activties and the magnifying glass activity! The picture of her reading is too precious.

Mari-Ann said...

What a fun week! Love the pumpkin size sequencing and the candy sorting - thanks for sharing these great ideas!

One More Equals Four said...

Looks like a fun week...I need to start thinking about some tot school activities for Tigercub, I am just too overwhelmed right now with all the other stuff and haven't taken the time to find things. Good inspiration.

Rebecca said...

Aww, how sweet that she reads to her babies!


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