Nov 1, 2009

Totschool: lite

We sort of took a week off and did a lot of easy stuff this week and added a lot of "field trip" stuff.

Since the little kids have developed an insatiable desire for coloring, I dug out this very cool wipe-off book and put it on their shelf with a dry erase marker. It was a VERY big hit! It got lots and lots of use. In fact, they fought over it quite a bit.

Abbie also played with stickers, and then colored them. They are coloring-fiends, I tell you!

She somewhat enjoyed lacing our math cubes with this string... she kept trying to convince me that I should do it for her. It was harder work than pony beads on a pipe cleaner, and at times, it didn't seem worth it to her. But she did get the hang of it eventually.

She dressed up as a princess and went to a Fall Festival at her cousin's church.

She played in our first bit of snowfall. We are hoping for great things in the snow department this year since we are seeing flakes this early!

She joined in the traditional pumpkin carving. She was very grossed out by the insides!

And she got to go see a "balloon glow". This was very fun, although it was rather chilly! All of the kids were disappointed that they didn't get to actually ride in the balloons!

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Michelle said...

I love the pumpkin carving pictures!!

One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a good week, way to go making it lite!

We have had too many of those lately!!!


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