Oct 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

It started off with a clown, a construction guy, a train engineer and a princess...

and the evening just got better from there.

Since we had already gone to a church carnival, we mixed it up a little and took the kids Trick or Treating at the zoo. It was fun and quite a unique experience! There were carnival games set up for the kids to play and win prizes. I didn't get any pictures because we had our hands full keeping the kids in line, focused on the games, getting their prizes, and moving out of the way. Four wide-eyed, excited kids take a lot of herding!
Besides the regular animals, there were little cages or aquariums set up with various interesting animals such as a bunny, Madagascar cockroaches, a red-kneed spider, and a rat. There were also people standing around in costumes handing out candy.

Abbie figured out quickly that holding out her bag was not too hard for a shy girl to do when it meant people were going to give her candy! I expected her to be difficult, but she had no trouble. No one else did either, except for Daniel and this bear. He was freaked out by this bear and would not even go up to get candy. You can see in this picture he is headed the other way as quickly as he could go!

This raccoon was not shy, either. He saw us standing by his cage and he came trotting over to check us out. I bet he had never been visited by a crew quite like ours!

Abbie went over to pet this cute spider, and when she touched it, it moved! She screamed and ran away, but by the time she got to her daddy, she was laughing.

It was a beautiful evening for a jaunt around the zoo, and after we got home, we took a quick trip around our neighbourhood. Then the kids dug into their candy while I fixed orange pancakes for supper.
It was a super Halloween. The kids have bowls full of candy to enjoy. The zoo was a good time. :) And the best part of it all for mommy, at least, was that all of their costumes came out of the dress-up box! I spent an average of $3 per kid, and that counts the treat bags!
Now, if we could only get the kids to go to sleep!!!!

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One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like a great evening! My little one is terrified of the character costumes as well. He wants absolutely nothing to do with them.

Think of all the nights of potential sugar highs sitting in those bowls of candy...ya just gotta love Halloween. Although trick or treating at the zoo...that sounds like fun!


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