Nov 23, 2009

Daybook: Thanksgiving week

Out my window: is a beautiful, crisp, autumn day. The kids have been outside running races and timing themselves with an old watch they found in their toys. They come in cold and panting and flushed with the effort.

I am listening to: Sam the bird yelling at the kids; Nate making weird boy noises as he wipes off the table; Abbie waddling like a penguin (because she has to say "waddle waddle" or she doesn't feel penguin-like); Kaytie oohing over "my baby penguin", and Daniel banging on something.

I am thankful for: healthy, happy kids. We haven't been sick this year... staying home and staying outside has worked together to boost our immune systems and reduce our exposure. I think we are the only people in the world who haven't had the flu this fall.

From the kitchen: peanut-butter sandwiches for lunch and baked chicken for supper, or something with chicken.

I am creating: lesson plans for next term. We are all looking forward to a long month off of "school". Even though we will still be doing lots of schooly stuff, it will all be fun and Nativity-related, so none of us will be thinking of it as school. I have a list of things to be done before we take our exams and then we are free. I am also pushing hard to get my planning for next term out of the way so that I get some truly free time this month.

I am reading: Grace Based Parenting and Specials and Inkdeath. I always feel better about life in general when I have more than one book to read. :)

I am praying for: a job for my husband.

Around the house: thanks to birthday parties and Steve being home, and company, the house is nice and clean. I need to focus on laundry, and am looking forward to decorating this weekend!

One of my favorite things: Daniel's mischievous grin, the way Abbie curls up against me like a roly-poly bug every time I touch her (she is the most snuggly person ever),
little kids' laughter, planning for Christmas

A few plans for the rest of the week: finishing up school, celebrating Thanksgiving with family, and decorating for Christmas.

I am thinking: that parenting is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I am going: grocery shopping at some point

From the learning rooms: birds' nests, Pilgrims, math games, action verbs, phonics, counting, matching, Japan, practicing for piano recital, and the story of Joseph.

A picture thought I am sharing: Our new 4 year old playing in the autumn leaves!


joelle said...

I am reading Grace Parenting as well. Excellent book.

Spesamor Academy said...

I'm getting a lot out of it so far!


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