Nov 9, 2009

Math for the fun of it

Nate finding out how many ways he can make nine. Kaytie, on her own, took this to the next level. She would lay out a rod, (eg: a ten) put another rod on top, (eg: a one) and say, "Ten minus one is nine! See, I made nine!"

This is a game I adapted from Peggy Kaye. I drew a grid and covered it in clear tape. With a dry erase marker, I wrote a random variety of numbers and plus or minus. Then they rolled their dice and added or subtracted the numbers. It was a race to the top, so there was no taking turns. This was even more of a challenge for Kaytie, because she doesn't think well under stress. So she got practice in calming herself and thinking in a hurry without freaking.


One More Equals Four said...

Looks like some good ideas.

Jeanne said...

Clever Kaytie with her subtraction trick! I like it!


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