Nov 30, 2009

Our Advent Plans

When it comes to doing fun and enjoyable things with the kids, I love Christmas!!!! There are clear expectations when it comes to Christmas. The borders are clearly defined and everyone knows what should be happening. I never have to wonder, hmmm, should we play with penguins or shadows. Should I get books about the ocean or about rocks? Because when it comes to Christmas, everything is already decided. It's all about Jesus! :)
The season is crowded with Nativities, snowflakes, reindeer, candy canes, presents and decorations. And if you think for a minute you can bring EVERYTHING back to the Baby in the manger. Oh, and I already know all the words to the songs because I've been singing them for YEARS!
We have quite a list of special Christmasy things to do in the next 24 days. (It might even spill over to afterwards, shhhh! Don't tell.) The little kids' shelves are full of red and green. The Nativity flannelgraph is ready, and the big kids have dot-to-dots, mazes, and other fun worksheets to amuse themselves with.
We will be doing our Advent calendar.
We are also eating one candy cane a day.
We have this list of things to do:

  1. Make red and green chains
  2. String popcorn
  3. Make paper candy canes
  4. Watch Peanuts movie
  5. Go see Christmas lights
  6. Go see Living Nativity
  7. Make angels
  8. Make Birthday card for Jesus
  9. Read all our Christmas books
  10. Sugar cone trees
  11. Paper garland
  12. Beaded candy canes
  13. Decorate schoolroom
  14. Color Christmas pictures
  15. Gingerbread house
  16. Draw the Nativity story
  17. Make candle holders
  18. Put on our own play
  19. Bake cookies
  20. Bake rice crispie treats
  21. Make fudge
  22. Make cookies
  23. Make our own Nativity

I still have to think of one or two more, and this isn't the order we will do them in. I will chose one every day in December until Christmas. Some are already entrenched traditions, some are brand new that we have never done before.
And we will be making an Advent calendar.
I found the idea here, but I decided, that instead of small objects that I would have to gather so that the kids could fight over/break/lose/eat them, I would turn it into a crafty project and let them draw their own. So I printed off a 5x5 grid, found some clip art for inspiration/a discussion starter, and every day they will fill in the squares on their grid with their own drawing of the object. While they are thus happily occupied I will read the Scripture verses.
So our days will be full with simple, happy fun!

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One More Equals Four said...

Sounds great! I am excited for all the Christmas activities, too and for once I am PLANNING on being laid back and not stressed about what we are or aren't getting done! We are using a lot of Lisa Whelchel's ideas from the ADVENTure of Christmas. Have fun!


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