Nov 19, 2009

Our New Four-Year Old

Of all of my kids, he has to be the hardest to describe. He is definitely inscrutable. He dislikes answering questions, but I don't know if that is because he is unsure of the answers, or if he just doesn't feel like sharing. If you ask him a question and he replies with a goofy noise or a silly laugh, you might as well give up right then, because it isn't going to get any better if you push him. I do know that he hates to be wrong. And he doesn't like to be laughed at unless he is intentionally being silly, and even then he is sensitive about it.
He is definitely sensitive. He has an incredibly tender little heart. He loves easily and is usually the first to share or to put someone else first. Once, when it was his turn to go alone with Daddy, he was given a package of M&Ms. When he got home, he had three M&Ms clutched in his hand. "You better eat those, Daniel." Daddy advised, but he shook his head, "They are for the kids." And he handed them out to his three siblings with a big grin, just delighted to be able to give.
But he hurts easily, too. He takes the rough-and-tumble of the pack harder than the others. His wounded bellow sounds out often, and he can be slow to forgive the slight.
Because of his soft heart, he often hides behind a tough exterior. Before he could talk, he was growling his affection at his daddy, like a tiny lion cub.
Another good word for him is "obsessed". When he loves, he does it with his whole being. First, it was fire trucks. And the sound of the siren still thrills his heart! When he hears the wail of the fire truck, he runs outside and plasters himself against the fence, straining for a glimpse.
Now, his obsessions are Thomas the Tank Engine (or any type of train, really) and snails. He can play for hours with his train set, if left alone. He always choses Thomas when it's his turn to pick a movie. And, in the summer, when he could find them, you could count on him having a snail in his hand. They were always named "Harvey", unless they were girls (apparently he could tell the difference) and then they were "Harvina". Names that he chose unassisted.
He hates being called a baby. He hates being treated differently than the older kids. He hates showers. He hates when someone else gets the last helping of supper.
He is incredibly smart, astonishingly verbal, and a great joke-teller. He is usually dirty, usually noisy, and always adorable.
And now, he is four.
Happy Birthday, Danny D!


Jeanne said...

Happy birthday Daniel!

(Funny how a kid who hates showers is usually dirty!!)

JulieMom said...

Awesome post! I also have a sensitive one, whose love language is words of affirmation. Do you find this true with him as well?

Happy birthday!!

Spesamor Academy said...

Julie, he is so young that I'm not quite sure what his love language is. I randomly questioned his dad, though, and he said Words of Affirmation. I do know that he loves to be told nice things, but if you say the same thing too often, he looks at you with suspicion and stops listening to you.


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