Nov 17, 2009

Pattern Blocks

Pattern blocks are some of our favorite manipulatives. And over the years, we have used them in many different ways. The kids like to build with them, make pictures with them, and just generally free play with them.


This year, so far, we have used them to make pictures to copy.DSCN5631

We have practiced graphing with them.


We have used them to play roll-a-dice games.


We have cards that go with them, and we have copied the pictures both on and off the cards.


Off is a little more challenging, but do-able.


The next step up from pattern blocks is tanagrams. These are much more challenging, since the kids have to find, not just a triangle, but a triangle of the correct size, and then have to figure out how to place it in the picture correctly. Kaytie built this boat three times before she finally got it to look like the guide.



Jeanne said...

You're right - these look great fun for lots of ages (even mums!)

TheRockerMom said...

RockerTot loves his pattern blocks and cards. He also loves the SuperMind puzzles that someone gave him and his attribute blocks. I love the roll the dice game idea. We'll try that one soon.

Jackie said...

These are great ideas. Where did you get the printed pictures to place the blocks on? I have seen the blocks at my local teacher store, but not the pictures.

Spesamor Academy said...

Jeanne, this mum mostly enjoys the free play. ;)
Rockermom, we play the roll-a-dice game three ways, depending on our current mood: we play with two picture cards and make it a competition, or we play as a team effort, or we play just one player. The team effort is obviously the fastest way to play.
Jackie, I got the pictures at my local teacher store, but I do know that if you google "pattern block cards" you will find places you can order them online.

Sadie said...

We have a few different pattern block and tanagram sets....we mostly just use them for free play...I'll have to remember some of these other activities for them!

joelle said...

We love these at our house as well. We recently got a set of Super Minds and my 4 year old is going crazy over them. Everyday he does a couple of them.


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