Nov 13, 2009

Totschool in the fall

Tot-School These past couple of weeks, Totschool has been all about the ABCs and fall/pumpkins.


Abbie has been playing with letters. She likes to sort them by color.


She has also started sorting them by letter. She doesn’t know what the letters are called, but she knows she likes things to match, so she sorts out matches wherever she can find them.


She somewhat enjoys these ABC puzzles. I kept seeing these cool wooden puzzles all over the place, but I dislike buying things that aren’t multi-purpose. I finally had the idea to make them myself. I printed them on cardstock and added magnets to the back for extra fun, and to keep the puzzles together a little better.


She practiced her handwriting with our Before You Print wipe-off book.They LOVE this.


She sorted pumpkins by size. (These also have magnets on the back.)


She poked old cupcake decorations (pumpkins) into a styrofoam block.


She swept up pompoms.


She stacked pegs, and, of course, sorted them by color.DSCN6031

She built a pumpkin.


And stamped numbers. This was a challenge at first, but then she realized she was just matching,!

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Denise said...

I like the activity where she sticks the cupcake decorations into the styrofoam. The stamping number activity would be great for my daughter.

Mari-Ann said...

Love the sweeping pompoms idea - thanks for sharing!

sbswtp said...

Lots of great activities!

Rebecca said...

Shes really good at sorting!

Michelle said...

So many great activities this week!


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