Dec 12, 2009

Christmas Holidays

We are taking the month of December off of regular school. My original idea was to do a lot of Christmas crafts, lessons, and activities during this time. However, instead, we have been doing a lot of this:

and this:

We did spend a day doing stuff like this:

And we have been keeping up with our Advent calendars, singing Christmas carols, practicing for piano recital, making paper chains and snowflakes and candy canes and reading Christmas books.
But mostly we are sleeping late, watching PBS, running around outside on warm days, and just generally taking a vacation.
I'm working on plans for our second term, which starts January 4th. I'm a little excited because I have been working on phonics games, spelling games, math, math, and more math, a unit study on Colonial America, and even a science board game! So I have lots of stuff to be posting on in the new year.
I am once again ditching the pre-K curriculm I made for Kaytie and Nate because, despite all the tweaking, I just can't make it work for Daniel's learning style. We will be descending into a world of words and math games where all learning has a purpose and he gets plenty of one-on-one mommy time.


Leptir said...

Interesting activities for your kids. They're looking so happy.

Julie said...

Hey, the blog looks great! Good luck with your planning, I really should be doing that as well. Dirty Santa has many variations, but here is ours: Whoever wants to play brings a wrapped gift. Everyone draws a number from a basket to determine the order for picking gifts. #1 is special because they pick first and last. When you pick your gift you can keep it or trade with someone else. A gift can only be traded 3 times and then it is out. At the end #1 gets the pick of all the gifts still in play. One year all the men fought for a drimmel tool, and last year the fight was on for a cordless mouse lol. It is lots of fun for us adults.


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