Dec 31, 2009

Good-bye Lazy Days!

Our vacation is nearly over. We will be starting school again on Monday. I have the first three of our thirteen weeks all ready to go. Don't I sound prepared?
The big kids are mostly just picking up where we left off at the end of November. I have six weeks' worth of math games organized and ready to go. Some of them they have played before, some will be bran-new!
The little kids are going to be getting a lot more "mommy and me" time than they have been getting. I will be pushing the big kids toward 30 minutes + of independence every morning, (even if that means saying, "Go pick something off the little kid shelf." every other minute of that time) so that the little kids will be getting full-length actual "lessons". Daniel is picking up sounds at a fast pace. I have no idea how much he knows, but he is excited about the idea of learning to read all by himself, and the only way that is going to happen is if I give him one-on-one time. The little kids are more used to sharing and aren't as pushy as the big kids were at this age, so they don't get as much of me as they need, sometimes.
Some of us are excited about starting school (Daniel). Some of us are cautiously optimistic, (Kaytie) since we will be learning about Japan and reading Felicity and not doing math worksheets. Some of us have yet to let it cross our radars, and some of us (me) are dreading it a bit. After an entire month of being lazy in the mornings and still having the house almost clean most of the time, it's not very exciting to be thinking about having to stress and squeeze and work hard to keep ourselves afloat again.
So my mantra has begun: 13 weeks until vacation!

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