Dec 29, 2009

It makes me wonder...

Nate says, "Si, si! Marcy." Then explains with a proud grin, "I'm working on my Franch."

It's bedtime, and the kids are supposed to be putting on pjs. Abbie is in the kitchen, giggling uncontrollably because on her way to the laundry pile, her dirty undies escaped and are now under the table. Nate, in the bedroom, flips the light off, then on again, springing through the doorway and screaming, "Pop goes the weasel!" He vanishes back into the bedroom. Kaytie, who is spinning in circles for no apparent reason, murmurs to herself, "What was that about?" Daniel, shirtless, stands in the hall, his shoulders drooping, his head down, desolation dripping from his voice as he says, softly, "Nate turns da light off. Nate turns da light on." He then sighs deeply and heads to the bedroom, still drooping with despair.
And I wonder aloud to myself, "What are the odds that these people will actually grow up to be sane, rational adults?"

Tonight, Abbie got "stuck" on the top bunk so the other kids grabbed a blanket, formed up beneath the ladder and eagerly urged her to jump into their "net". "It will be fun!" They said, as Daddy rescued her.

And I wonder quietly to myself, "What are the odds that these people will actually grow up?"

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alicia b said...

Oh I like to hear that bedtime is not all smooth and organized in other people's homes too. I sometimes imagine it all could go smoothly and orderly...but I haven't seen it yet.



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