Dec 19, 2009

She is Three

She is three. She is pixie-dust and starshine. She is pink, sparkling, and glittery. She is jumping up and down on her toes, clapping her hands, enormous blue eyes shining. She is twirling ballerina and regal princess. She is 100% big girl and 100% baby of the family. She is pouty lip and sorrowful face. She is drama and delight. She swoops from dizzying heights to dismal lows in the blink of an eye and then swoops back again. She is giggly girl. She is golden curls, pink cheeks and blue eyes. She is calculating charm and sweet innocence. She is our miracle baby, our roly-poly bug, our own silly Pookie. She is non-stop chatter, entertaining story-teller, hilarious conversationalist. She is shy. She is Daddy's Girl. She is sweet mommy to a dozen dolls and a stuffed Canadian sheep (aka: Sheepie). She is singing partially made-up songs to herself. She is Miss Bossy-Pants. She is the very best Abbie in the whole wide world. She is three.

First Picture

She came home when she was 5 weeks and 1 day old. (1 week and 2 days before her due date)

She is about a year old here.

Christmas last year

And now she is three!


Julie said...

Great post! She is a cutie, love those big pretty eyes. :)

Leptir said...

You have soo beautiful daughter!


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