Jan 5, 2010

Math and Ladybugs

So far, after two days of it, the math games thing is a hit with the kids. I like it because there are no tears, no threats, and we have tons of time to dink around with other things and STILL get done with school on time. For two days in a row we have spent less than (fewer than? I can never remember!) five hours total (per day) in school, counting both Circle Times, and have gotten EVERYTHING on my list completed. Plus they have had Free Choice time. That is amazing to me.
However, I have to confess to being a little, ummmm... let down... disconcerted... taken aback... even a mite disappointed, in our math the last two days. Because the unexpected happened. Nearly half of the games I had were too easy for them. My clocks game, which I had gloated over forever because it was to help with telling time, (and those games are a little hard to come by) was the worst flop. Turns out that it is to acquaint them with where the numbers are on a clock, and they already knew that part!
But not all of the games have been that easy. Today, they played a ladybug game designed to teach and reinforce odd and even. I was a little dubious because I thought they knew this concept well. We've talked about it often enough.
Then, when I went to stick it in their box I realized that although I had thought I had printed it off when they were in Kindergarten, I was mistaken. I found the dots and leaves printed on paper. White paper, no color. And no ladybugs to be found. Unfortunately, I was also out of printer paper. So I drew my own ladybugs. I thought they looked rather frighteningly evil (there is a reason I print, not draw) but the kids didn't seem to mind.

And I was quite surprised to discover that even though they knew you found the even numbers by "counting by 2s", they wrongly assumed they needed to start with 1. So we had quite a chat about evens having friends and the odd man out. I am glad that I drew those ladybugs, because we will be playing this game again!

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One More Equals Four said...

Love to hear the updates! Playing math games and creating math games is so hard for me! I am a by the book person and this area has been a struggle for me but it really is so good for them to enjoy nailing down a concept...I am trying. My struggle right now is lack of creativity and finding ideas for older students.


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