Jan 12, 2010

Penguin grid

Here's a penguin grid game that Abbie enjoys playing. I printed the grid from Prekinders which is an awesome place if you are looking for preschool or even early elementary ideas or free printables. The penguin markers I made myself. The game is easy. You roll the die (it is behind Abbie's hand in the picture) and then cover that many penguins with your markers.

Here is a closer look at the penguin markers. I used wooden beads I found at Hobby Lobby. There were 22 in the package and it cost me about a dollar. Then I just painted them black. That was the hard part. First I had to mix my own because I thought I had some until I got home from the store. Then I had to stop and wash up Kaytie because I turned away for 3.6 seconds to pick up the beads and I heard Kaytie say, "I'll keep Abbie from touching them." I turned back to tell her to leave Abbie alone, and Kaytie had two black hands. Then it took several coats and even more touchups to get the black the way I liked it.

But after the black was on and dry, I just dabbled the rest of it on with toothpicks, and drew the wings on with a black sharpie.

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