Jan 15, 2010


I finally broke down and made our own playdough. We have never really needed to, before, because we were always given plenty of storebought dough. But that had all gotten old, or Daddy had let them mix the colors ((shudder)), and I was kind of wanting some for school. Then 10 Kids and a Dog made glittery snow playdough, and I could resist no longer. I was really surprised at how quick and easy it was to make. (although I would suggest not letting your oil get so hot that when you add the water it boils up and scares everyone in the house and even sets the smoke alarm off! (our smoke alarms are very sensitive) )

I doubled her batch, and there was plenty of dough for five small kids. And they absolutely loved the texture! After they were done with the first play-time, I put most of it in a bowl with a tight lid, then put a handful in a smaller bowl for the school-shelf.
We were given a HUGE bag of cookie cutters once upon a time, and we use those with our playdough fun a lot. So Abbie and Daniel made ice-cream with our snow playdough.


Kysha said...

We love making our own play dough too esp. after my daughter took a bite of the store bought kind. LOL! Home made is much safer. :-)

Spesamor Academy said...

Eating playdough is a rite of passage, like eating paper. :)

Julie said...

I always thought kids were big on eating glue (although mine never have been lol.)

Yep, we are big fans of the homemade playdough, too. I made a batch scented like gingerbread last year and gave it away to my little nieces and nephews with a copy of The Gingerbread Man book. Too fun. :)

joelle said...

Thanks for sharing. I sometimes make my own playdoh and glittery playdoh sound good.


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