Jan 22, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up

What we have been up to in school...

Penguins, of course.

Spelling, in various forms, as suited to our ages, abilities, and interests.

Drawing snowmen.

Finding the 13 colonies. Kaytie enjoyed this, it was torture for Nate, who just wanted to put the whole puzzle together!

Matching letters.


Flannelgraph fun.

And making ice-cream with our snow playdough.

Although I did NOT get pictures of it, the highlight of our week was when the cousins came over to learn about penguins with us. And this time, we were also joined by some new friends, a 5 year old girl, 3 year old boy, and 1 year old girl. We were having too much fun for me to get pictures!

For more weekly wrap-ups, go to those weird unsocialized homeschoolers over here.


Chef Penny said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy said...

I like the idea of sharing your week in pictures. It looks like you had a fun and productive week.

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

Loved seeing your week in pictures! Looks like you accomplished lots of school! Speaking of penguins, I wonder if you've read Mr. Popper's Penguins? It's a chapter book, but your oldest two children may enjoy listening to it. I can't think of penguins without thinking of that book!:)

Spesamor Academy said...

We have, actually, and enjoyed it very much! :)

Wonder Mom said...

Picture pages, picture pages, thanks for showing your picture pages!

(That was my tribute to Bill Cosby- hope you aren't too young to not know about Picture Pages!)

What a great, visually fun week of learning!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great ideas. Do you happen to remember where you purchased your wooden puzzle of the United States? Thank you.

Spesamor Academy said...

LOL! I am too young! I have no idea what you are talking about!

I bought the puzzle at Target. The last time I was there (in Dec) they still had them, but are selling them for about $3 less than I paid for ours a few years ago. sigh.

{ jamie } said...

A great week!

Calina said...

I love all the hands-on learning! My daughter frequently uses letter magnets for spelling, too.

Giggly Girls said...

What a fun week!!


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