Jan 16, 2010

Yut-nori... Texas-style

As a part of our study of South Korea, Kaytie and Nate made the game Yut-nori. It was very cool because I just printed off the directions, and they made it all on their own. The only thing I did was take pictures, quench arguments, and repeat, at regular intervals: "What's the NEXT step in your directions?"
In their workbox, they found the directions, a blank piece of cardstock, circle stickers, four craft sticks, and markers.

First, they made their game-board by putting stickers around the edges of the cardstock. I gave them an additional sticker of a crown to mark their Start sticker. But they could just as easily decorated the Start with a marker to designate it. (Only, that might have started a discussion on WHO got to decorate the sticker, and voices might have been raised. Using the sticker kept the fragile peace.)

Then, they used the markers to decorate the craft sticks. ONE side only.
Then they played the game. But I just now realized I forgot to take pictures of that part. Oops! :) If you are interested in playing this quick and easy game, click on the link above and it will give you all the information you need!
PS. It's supposed to be a New Year's game, but we ruthlessly ignored that bit.
PPS. Having the sunlight pouring through the windows in the afternoon makes for a lovely room, but it wreaks havoc with my pictures!

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Korean said...


Welcome, I want to introduce one games

It is "Yutnori"

"nori" means game.

First, you throw four sticks.

One stick backs over, It call "Do", Do means pig. Go one block.

Two sticks back over, It call "Gae", Gae means dog. Go two blocks.

Three sticks back over, It call "Georl", Georl isn't girl, It means sheep. Go three blocks.

Four sticks back over, It call "Yut", Yut means cow. Go four blocks.

All sticks don't back over, It call "Mo", Mo means horse. Go five blocks.

Then, four sticks back over or all sticks don't back over, you can throw sticks again.

So, Your 3 piece goes back start point. You win.

How about think this games? It is very fun.

Now, why don't you play "Yutnori".

P.s -If you want to visit Korea, You visit these website,

http://www.korea.net http://korea.go.kr/new_eng/main/index.do


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