Feb 13, 2010

He knows everything, and what he doesn't know...

After what seemed like an eternity of listening to the ant facts spilling from my son's mouth, I finally got a word in edgewise...
"Nate, are you making this stuff up?"
"Yep!" He answered, proudly.
So, as the mother of a young scientist, the question that keeps me up at night is this:
How, exactly, did Einstein's mom keep from going stark raving mad?


Jeanne said...

Chuckle - your kids say 'the darndest things'!

(Can you please tell Kaytie that Jemimah still loves her - we will try to reply early next week. Really busy week. Sorry.)

One More Equals Four said...

Too funny. I sometimes wonder why I decided to teach mine to talk! :)


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