Feb 11, 2010

Love Letters!

I feel badly because I haven't been sharing about what the little kids are doing with Valentine stuff. They have been quite busy with a shelf full of hearts/princesses/and "nice" dragons. This is one of my favorites, and will be on their shelf long after the holiday of love has past.
I found these awesome little heart boxes at Dollar Tree. I have no idea what they were intended for and when I snatched up 4 packages I really wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, either. However it didn't take long for inspiration to strike!
I put one plastic letter in each heart. Daniel opens the hearts, finds the letter, and matches it to a picture card that starts with that sound. He knows most, if not all, of his sounds and I am trying to gently push him into the habit of hearing the initial sound of a word. He did fairly well, except that the "g" to him says "juh" (I must always remind him that it says "guh" as well) so "guitar" puzzled him a little.

Abbie, however is not at all ready to match initial sounds, so she did the "love letters" ;) with this alphabet chart. She matched the plastic letters to the chart. This is just a little bit of a challenge for her, so it is perfect.

First, she has to use those fine motor muscles to wrest the box open.

Then, find the right place to put the letter. Hmmm... thinking... thinking... thinking...
She was hamming it up for the camera. :)

She giggles delightedly when she finds it!

Finally, when she has found them all, she has to return them to the box. This is more difficult than it would seem, because the tops and bottoms are different, and then she has to push hard enough for them to click back together. She enjoys this work a lot.
Right now, I only have eight letters out, but soon I will rotate them, and eventually, she will have all 26 to do at once.


Julie said...

I love these ideas!! I think I will try these great ideas with Easter Eggs since I don't have the cute heart containers!! Thanks!

My Boys' Teacher said...

Thank you,

I bought those things and had no idea what to do with them. :)


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