Feb 13, 2010

Money Recognition

The kids, Kaytie especially, have a hard time remembering which coin is which and how much it is worth. So they play this game, where they roll the dice and move their markers. Whatever coin (or dollar) they land on, they have to name it and say what it is worth. I have pictures of both the front and the back of each coin, and the dollar bill. They win when they reach the piggy bank.
This game board can be found by clicking the Scribd button on the sidebar.


Julie said...

This is great, my boys will enjoy this one for sure. Very cute theme on your blog! :)

Cindy said...

My daughter is also having a problem remember the coins and how much they are worth. Thank you for this printable it will be a great help!

One More Equals Four said...

Cute idea! Lilly has just started doing a money counting game that she really likes. I'll have to find the link and send it to you.

Okay, just looked it up:

It is called "Monkey Money" It is really cute!


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