Feb 28, 2010

Totschool: March

I haven't been posting weekly Totschool, or Preschool, because, since January, the little kids have been doing more of a monthly theme than a weekly theme. It was just getting to be too much to switch things out every week. And it was too frustrating to work hard on something only to have it ignored all week. This way, they will eventually get bored enough to get around to it before the month is over.

These are their shelves for March. Our theme is Farm Animal Babies. Starting with the top left, we have a bin which holds paper strips for stamping, a pencil, a dry erase marker, and toilet paper for wiping away the dry erase marker. This should really go on the bottom shelf, but there isn't room for it down there, and... well, there it is. I also put sheets of blank paper in here every morning. But I have to ration blank paper or they would go through an entire tablet in one day between the two of them.
Next we have an assortment of ways for them to make their names. There are magnetic letters, penguins and ice-cubes, and, to support our theme: sheep and puppies. You can't tell in the picture, but beside the tray are cards with their names on them as a control.
Then we have a pattern-block horse. I got this from prekinders, one of my favorite websites for the small ones. And I just now noticed that someone snuck in and completed the puzzle! Silly kids can't wait until school-time.
Beside the pattern blocks are three small cups that hold: cards with the life-cycle of a chicken; cards with letters on them and teeny chipboard letters to match; and cards for our Go to the Pound game. It plays like Go Fish, except that we match pairs of letters. Since it's puppies on the card, we say, "Go to the Pound" instead of "Go Fish".
Next is a sheet with different groupings of trucks, trains, and tractors. This is for counting and number recognition. I got this idea from The Well Rounded Mama. Then we have lacing cards and Alphabet Bingo.
The second shelf holds lacing beads (wooden ones from Dollar Tree!) mixed with some plastic farm animal beads that my husband bought years ago to make bird toys. I got the left-overs. :)
Beside that is our phonics game. The rules never change, but I make new boards to fit our new themes and to keep the interest alive.
Next, we have a file folder game to match our abcs. It's baby animals (lower case letters) looking in the barn for their mamas (capital letters). I made it myself, and am planning on giving it its own post soon.
Then we have cutting and I threw a glue stick in there just for a special treat. And a roll a barn game I got from Play to learn. And their Bibles that they like to look at from time to time. Their stories are generally read from these books.
On the last shelf we have farm animal puzzles. (There are two stacked on top of each other.) Our Love Letters, a geo board, and finally, their crayons and stamps (I have seasonal ones, abc ones, and number ones) a book to read, and a box of farm animals with a tractor for free playing.

Daniel's Explode the Code book is on the next shelf up, since it is a "do with Mommy" item. Beside it I have their Alphabet Boxes (I have a post nearly ready to go explaining this) and a small bin with other "do with Mommy" items, that get changed out frequently.

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One More Equals Four said...

Wow, looks like fun! I am trying to get some activities together so Tigercub can join in our school days. I may steal some ideas.


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