Mar 4, 2010

Alphabet Box Deluxe

Way back in September, when Daniel officially started preK, I put together an alphabet box for him and Abbie. They enjoyed it but not enough to sustain it, and it eventually fell by the wayside. Now, Daniel knows most (nearly all) of his letters and their sounds. He has started Get Ready for the Code and I wanted to reinforce that a bit. Abbie still needs all the help she can get, so I created THE alphabet box deluxe.

I bought nothing for this box. All of these things I already had from all the abc collections we have gathered over the years. In the picture, you can see (from bottom left) pictures of words that begin with "f". Cards with F and f and f's of various textures for them to trace with their fingers, including the big blue foam one that I, personally, love to touch. (the foam came in packets of 32 sheets from the Dollar Tree) There is an "F" stencil, complete with tiny pieces of paper. (I still have to put a pencil in) The "f" puzzle from the set that I made. "F" just happened to be the "easy" one! Both pieces have a teeny magnet on the back, and can be used with the silver tray in the middle of the picture. There is an ABC book (I will also eventually add a book just for "f", I am still making those, though) Index cards with the letter written on it and then gone over (and over and over and OVER) with glue so that they can feel the letter. Inside the box are words that start with "f". Some of them match the objects (they are written in pink) and some do not. But I am currently trying to get Daniel to "hear" the initial sound in words. Tiny objects that start with "f". The "F" piece to a puzzle that I found at Walmart many years ago, but they still sell. (look in the $1 section) Wooden magnetic letters and a metal tray. (I snatched the "tray" off the bottom of a mini mailbox that I bought at Target last February. I have never found a good use for that mailbox until now.) A paper "f" and two bits of string for them to form their own. This "f" is a die-cut and all the others are traced off of it. The green one beside it is merely the negative of another diecut. I have a container with small glass stones for them to form yet another "f". And finally, a lacing card "f", and a card with a container of playdough to roll into the shape of an "f". Oh, and a flashcard.
I am keeping all of these "collections" in a pocket file, so I can change letters out quickly and easily, because he is trucking through Get Ready for the Code at an alarming pace! I'm thinking that I will keep two boxes made up, though. One for him and one for Abbie, because they are not moving at the same speed.

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One More Equals Four said...

Wow! Really, that is all I can say, wow! Maybe I could begin working on this this summer and when Tigercub starts they might be ready!


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