Mar 9, 2010

The Countdown...

We have four weeks (minus one day because we took Monday off while I waited for my head to explode (thankfully, it never did) ) left before we have to take another month long break. :( As bummed as we are about that... well, the kids were bummed AFTER I informed them they would NOT be watching tv all day... we somehow know exactly how many days lie ahead of us before our vacation officially starts on April 3.
The problem is, the weather turned beautiful too soon, and we are having trouble staying inside and focusing. So I wrote out a quick list of what I want to accomplish before we break and we are doing that and nothing more. I also decided that rather than choose four specific African countries, we are just spending four weeks looking at the continent as a whole. That made my life SO much easier! I'm using a lot of ideas and tips that I picked up from Expedition Australia, which almost makes up for them not having an African unit for me to buy.
I'm already working on next term's plans and that includes some math adjustments that I must tell you about, although I feel a bit sheepish admitting them.

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Julie said...

Your header is too cute! You are always so creative with your blog. My boys and I enjoyed Expedition Australia, too. Good luck with the rest of your studies. :)


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