Apr 14, 2010

c a t says...

I created a sheet of pictures of CVC words for Daniel, intending to teach him to hear all of the sounds in the word. However, it was more of an exercise of exposure than actually teaching him anything. I said, "Show me the //d// //o// //g//." And he pointed at the dog. Some words I had to say more than once, and a few words, that he wasn't as accustomed to, I had to blend a little, "Show me //d// //ig//." The funny part was, I had a few words in there that he didn't know at all, so I would sound it out, and he would say, "Cog. What's a cog?"
I intend on making more of these.If you click on the scribd button in the sidebar, you can view and print the pictures I have made. I put them in squares so you can leave the sheet intact, or cut them apart into cards.
The next time we got it out, I pulled out our magnetic letters as well, and formed the words with the letters. He sounded out the letters and found the matching picture. His very first word to sound out all by himself was c... a... t! Then he yelled out, "CAT!" and pointed to the picture of the cat. He was quite pleased with himself. :)
So there you have it... reader number three! Abbie was jealous, so she had to give it a try, too. She did pretty well with the sounds that she knows, but she doesn't have all of her letter sounds down yet. She will just have to put in some hard work before she can join the ranks of readers.

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One More Equals Four said...

Wow! Good for him...and you!


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