Apr 28, 2010

Pond Math

While we were on Spring Break, I spent some of my free time blog surfing on my favorite type of blogs... homeschooling blogs! One of my great finds was this game. However, I knew that my kids would find it a little boring and all those cards seemed like an awful lot of printing to me. So I concocted my own version.
I created this mat, pulled out some foam numbers and our big jar of plastic counting animals.
I was intrigued by this game because it has so many possibilities. It will work for all four kids at their various math levels. I like it because it will eliminate the step of counting both groups (an unnecessary step that I unwisely allowed Kaytie and Nate to do and am just now seeing success in getting them to stop). 

Yesterday, Daniel and I sat down to play with this. I placed the top two numbers and told him to count out that many animals to the turtle and snail respectively. Then we counted each one as we moved it to the fish. Then I would ask, "So what is 3 plus 8?" And he would yell, "11!!!" Then he would chose the numbers for the answer and put it in the bottom box.

For the record, I was only choosing "+1" problems, but he insisted on taking turns and this was the problem he set up. I also eventually got smart and laid out all the numbers in a row to make it easier on him to find the correct numeral for his answer.

Here, he is laughing because he snuck a zero into his answer and thinks I won't notice. :)

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Alli said...

Love this mat idea (seems SO much more simple than the original). I will be making a similar one with a princess theme ;-)



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