Apr 23, 2010

Something was lost in the translation

Kaytie says she has another loose tooth. Naturally, this sparked some annoyance from the next oldest child, who has yet to lose even one tooth. I explained to him, that, since his baby teeth were late coming in (he had his first birthday before he had his first tooth) they would probably be late coming out. I advised him to expect it to be another year before he lost a tooth. And I finished with, "You just have your Dad's wacky tooth genes."
He looked down at his shorts and said, "These aren't tooth jeans! They are shorts. And how do you know they were Dad's?"


One More Equals Four said...

Cute! It is so funny how kids hear things!

Steven said...

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Pass it on...

Jeanne said...

That is so terribly funny! Mothers know these things, Nate. They just know.


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