May 16, 2010

Giving Phonics Another Go

My local homeschool mommy support group had a Curriculum Show and Tell meeting last week. It was incredibly informative and I loved the chance to get my hands on things that one normally only gets to see on a computer screen. I also liked the opportunity to hear real moms talk about curriculum that worked/or didn't for them, and why. But the item that struck me the most was one I had (strangely) never heard of before. The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. It's strange that it was new to me because it is put out by Peace Hill Press, and I use both their History and their Grammar. (For those of you who know me in person, no remarks please regarding how I missed seeing this Phonics book on their website.)
But I liked what I saw, when the other mom let me look in person. So I googled it and found it used for a do-able price... I decided to put in on my list of curriculum for the fall. Then I got a brilliant idea and looked it up on our library website. And they HAD IT! I rushed to check it out today, and Daniel will be starting it tomorrow.
I love the fact that all I need is some sort of representation of the letters. You can buy these in card form from Peace Hill Press, or you can follow their instructions and make your own with index cards. Or, you can be totally rebelliously tweaky like me, and use manipulatives.
I also love the fact that it is scripted. I don't always use the scripts, but scripted curriculum gives me, the teacher, a very concrete idea of what exactly the writer is trying to get across to the child. I love it, even if I ummm, tweak it, just a little. :)
I am totally excited. He has no idea what is about to hit him. :)


Jackie said...

I love this book also. I ordered it from the site (after checking it out several times at the library). You can purchase a .pdf version and only print the parts you are using which I love. You can also get the "flashcards" in .pdf from too. I will be starting this program with my grandson this fall.

Mama Teaching 2 said...

We used this for my first son and it was wonderful! :) He loved the little white board with the letter magnets.


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