May 29, 2010

Math Games

The big kids have been working hard on memorizing their addition facts. We do some drilling, and they write them in their journals occasionally, but mostly we play games to pound the facts into our heads.
We play Joey Joey on a regular basis. 
I also made up this tic tac toe sheet. In order to claim the square they want, they have to give the answer to the math problem in that square. And they are not allowed to count. I purposely put hard problems in every row so that they don't choose only the ones they know.

                                            IMG_9898.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

To make this easy game board I stuck stickers on a piece of cardstock, then numbered them. I added the lines to keep them going in the right direction. The game is simple. I give them a number, say: 3. Every number they land on they have to add to 3. This focuses our learning on the specific fact family we need to work on. After they know all their +3s, then their number is 4. It plays really fast, so we usually play it several times in one sitting. (or until Nate wins, because he HAS to win)

                                IMG_9899.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

And finally, they really had a blast when I laid out all of the flashcards around the playroom and they were the pieces in their own board game. :) I gave them some huge dice I found at Dollar Tree and they had fun doing flashcards!
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Amber said...

I love these games!! Thanks for sharing - I'm bookmarking these for future games with my kids!!


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