Jun 16, 2010

Crazy Hair Night

Every year at VBS, they do different crazy things each night. Since my children are so calm, sedate, and utterly prim, their favorite night is always "crazy hair night". They talk about it and plan for it, literally, all year long. Usually, their wacky cousin comes over and does their hair, but this year, she had to work, so I was on my own. We had a few crisis... let's just say I was considering the vaseline at one point (I remembered in time that I was the one who would washing the stuff out again. One of the drawbacks of being the mom.) but we all felt that it turned out really great.

IMG_0232edited.jpg crazy Hoggards picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_0243.jpg Kaytie's crazy picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_0230edited.jpg Nate's crazy! picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_0209edited.jpg Daniel's crazy! picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_0215edited.jpg Abbie's crazy! picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_0246edited.jpg those crazy Hoggards! picture by 4littlepenguins

I don't think it's the hair that makes them so crazy.


Jodi said...

I love all the posing and dancing! They felt good about their hair. Good job, Momma!

Mama Teaching 2 said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! They are so cute and funny!

Gardenia said...

Hi nice to meet you. I'm here from Jennifier's "forever for always no matter what." what a darling family you have. love the hair. next week starts my daughter's first time going to VBS -- a new experience for me too -- I hope they don't have hair night! :)

Matt Sullivan said...

What a great idea. Too cool!


Jeanne said...

Yep, that is definitely c r a z y h a i r!!

Anonymous said...

Ha yeah I'm thinking it's not just the hair too ;) Glad to see their are other Mom's out there as crazy as I am in regards to have lots of little ones close together. Glad to be on the mini-crew together and looking forward to getting to know you :)


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