Jun 21, 2010

Every Little Girl Loves A Wedding

This weekend, Kaytie got to go to her “first” wedding. The first one she remembers, that is. It was the first of the cousins to marry, so it was a grand family occasion.

She was quite excited to be there.
She got to meet “new” cousins. Sabrina is a second cousin and a year younger, but the two were instant friends.
She got to dance with “old” cousins. THE Bob is a favorite cousin, sometimes even THE favorite cousin.
She got to dance with her Papa.
She tried to catch the bouquet.
She enjoyed the ceremony, the cake, and all the traditions. (Aren’t they a beautiful couple? It seems like yesterday when this guy was born!)
She had a good visit with her Nana.
And the tall cousin.
The parents of the groom. My brother and sister in law.
Kaytie really enjoyed blowing bubbles at the bride and groom.


And before and after the wedding, there was a pool, a hot pink swimsuit and a little girl who thinks she is a fish.
All in all, her first wedding was a success, but she missed her brothers and sister and is very glad to be home again.


Jeanne said...

Kaytie, you look so beautiful - and so grown up in these photos! I can't wait to show them to Jemimah tomorrow morning!

Loving learning at Home said...

Oh, we love weddings too. Great pics.

Lori - TOS crew

Julie said...

What great pics! I remember my first bridal shower lol. I took it all so seriously. Love the pic of her dancing with her cousin...my ds1 is that cousin for my little nieces. They all just adore him.


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