Jun 11, 2010

IMG_9966.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

Summer Reading Club is here! This is a program that our library has done every year since I was a little kid. We got a lot more junk back in those days. But all we really care about is the free book we get at the end. As a parent, I get to participate as well, so we get five free books when we finish our train journey.
Around here, we don't need much encouragement to read, so reading parties like these only add to the fun.


Mrs. White said...

Your pictures are so cute! I love summer reading programs!

Welcome to the CREW!

Mrs. White (TOS Crew FM)

Rodna James said...

Cool. We don't get a book, but we do get medals!
Your blog is very pretty!
My follower name is veryblessedmamma. I haven't been able to figure out how to change out to my name. LOL
I am sure we will ge tto know each other more this year, as we are on the same mini team.
It was nice to "meet" you! lol


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