Jul 13, 2010

Looking Forward

This week, we are wrapping up the last of our schoolwork for the year. Which means that I am already planning next year! I am both anxious and excited about the new year.
I'm excited because I always like planning, and I enjoy the fresh start that every new year brings. I love to wipe away the mistakes and struggles and memories of the things we never quite got around to doing last year and start all over with a clean slate. THIS will be the year that we do great things! :)
I'm also excited because this year, my wonderful husband is helping me sort and organize the schoolroom. I crave organization, but I am not that great at setting it up. Also, I am a hoarder, and he is not. So tons of useless things will be removed to make way for the stuff I need. Which means, maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to find stuff this year! But if nothing else, it will look better when he is finished.
I'm anxious because I'm planning for 3rd, 2nd, Kindergarten and Preschool. It was a juggling act this year, when Daniel and Abbie were still mostly just "playing school". Now, they are both kicking it up a notch (I have no illusions on my ability to keep Abbie out of Kindergarten, if Daniel is doing it, she will be, too!) and yet the big kids are still pretty dependent on my supervision and support. I'm trying to figure out a good, workable schedule that still gives us lots of free time to just be kids (for them) and to hide in the closet in a fetal position (for me).
Planning for Kaytie and Nate is turning out to be fairly easy, because we are just going to be doing a lot of "more of the same". History and Science are mostly my only planning-intensive subjects. I write my plans by typing into tables in Microsoft Word, and I'm doing a lot of "copying and pasting" in their tables.
Planning for Daniel and Abbie is a bit harder. I'm struggling with re-using as much as I can from Kaytie and Nate's Kindergarten year, while tossing all the stuff that didn't work or won't work with Daniel and Abbie, and trying to keep in mind that teaching Kindergarten with two babies napping is far easier than teaching Kindergarten while teaching two older kids. I'm struggling with tailoring my ideas to fit them while not re-inventing the wheel. And I'm struggling with giving them a quality of curriculum while keeping it as streamlined and simplistic as possible.
After a lot of internal debate, I finally settled on doing a sort of Letter of the Week with them. I didn't want to, but it seems to be my best option. A lot of it will be review, because they know most of the alphabet sounds, but I finally conceded that they need to solidify what they know before they move on.
Soon, I will post the details of our plans for next year. Also be looking for a new and improved schoolroom post, and two reviews for the TOS Crew. (One next week, and one in August) Oh, and I haven't forgotten that I promised to tell you what I think of Story of the World and All About Spelling; I just haven't gotten to it yet. Sorry about that.
Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions, advice, or consolation on the above anxieties, please feel free to leave a comment. Oh, and something else for you to weigh in on: we are going to be doing a "real" co-op with the cousins this year, (yippee!!!) in which she will be teaching Art (YIPPEE!!). She is great with Art. So does this mean that I am personally off the hook with Art this year?

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Jen said...

You are definitely off the hook with art this year, lucky you!! I am in the very beginning process of developing a schedule this year. I am really going to need one to stay on top of things. I look forward to reading about yours. I am also doing a Letter of the Week sort of thing, but not quite sure exactly what I am going to do, I have a few ideas, but look forward to more from you:) Happy planning and organizing!!


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