Jul 23, 2010

Planning Kinder Math

Why oh why does math have to be so hard??? If you've been reading this blog for long, you know that I've struggled to find the right mix for Kaytie and Nate's math. You also know that we found Math U See and loved it. The kids love it and I love it. Even better, they are learning and progressing. So naturally, I decided that for Daniel's (Ok, I'll go ahead and say it, Abbie's, too. Anybody want to take bets on whether she stays in preK or journeys through kindergarten with Daniel this year???) kindergarten  math I would start him with Math U See Primer. Gentle, simple, practical, and starting as we intend to continue... perfect, right? Well, yes, except for the $50 price tag. I've been haunting Ebay and Amazon and the MUS yahoo swap board and just not coming up with any good-enough deals.
Finally, last night, as I was boring my long-suffering husband with yet another conversation about math curriculum I remembered... I'd done my "own thing" with Kaytie and Nate in kindergarten and they'd turned out alright, right? My poor husband gave me an exasperated look and muttered something about them excelling under such a system since Kaytie is a year ahead and Nate two years ahead.
So now I have another fun thing to do... plan an exciting, educational, and yet simple year of math! Whoohoo!

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musicalmary said...

I am finding lots of Math U See people out there. I'm thinking about it for my kindergartner. I'm happy to read your post about it because the price is putting me off as well. What to do what to do? Thank you for such a beautiful blog!


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