Aug 31, 2010

Am I Smarter Than a 4 Year Old?

I asked Daniel what he wanted for his birthday.
"Thomas," he said. No one was surprised, but, since he has two tubs FULL of Thomas trains and tracks and I really don't think there is a set in the city that he doesn't already own, I was kinda hoping for different ideas.
I tried again, "Daniel, what if there was no Thomas, what would you like for your birthday?"
I tried harder, "Daniel, what if there were no trains at all, what would you like for your birthday?"
"I would want you to invent trains for my birthday!"

And then, later, over lunch, he informs me, "Mom, in the 1830s, steam trains were invented!"
"Yes?" I say, wondering... ???
"Thomas is a steam engine, Mom."
Is he just making this up???

I still have three months to talk him into something else...


Gabriele said...

He sounds just like my L! Everyone told me that his obsession with trains would diminish by the time he was 4 or's stronger than EVER and he's gonna be 5 in November! LOL!! He knows more about trains than I even know, freight, much vocabulary! LOL!! Nice to see he's not the only one obsessed <3

One More Equals Four said...

Well, there are always Thomas books, color pages, maybe you could find a nice craft kit! Oh, or maybe you could just give him a box and tell him it is a design your own Thomas! You've got three months, you will probably have a whole Thomas curriculum by then!

joelle said...

My son is turning 7 in November and his obsession is as strong as ever. We have been having a lot of idolatry talks these days, and the train set has been taken away a few times to drill in that notion. I am glad to know I am not the only one dealing with that. Let us know if you find a way of breaking him out of the obsession ;-).


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