Aug 5, 2010

Kinder/PreK in Detail: Phonics

I posted an overview of our curriculum earlier this week for the Blog Hop, but I wanted to go into a little more detail about our kindergarten/preschool plans.
First, although we are saying they are in different grades, I'm giving them pretty much the same "stuff" to do. Abbie knows just as many letters and letter sounds as Daniel, and she is eager to blend them together an make words while he is more ho hum about the process. He wants to learn to read, but he is not so eager to put the effort into it. She is only a step or two behind him in math. And everything else is easy to combine with two kids who are only a year apart. I was going to say that I just lower my expectations for her, but that isn't necessarily what I do. I expect my kids to do the best they can, which is sometimes over their generally accepted age level, and sometimes below. So I am adjusting my expectations for each kid. :)
At any rate, after a bit of juggling ideas and looking for inspiration, I finally decided that what would be best for them this year as far as phonics would be a "cookie cutter" approach. I would love to spin some plans that are fresh and new and exciting each week. But I have four kids to teach and a house to clean and a husband to amuse and a dog to pet and I have to accept that fresh and new and exciting is not very likely to ever actually happen. So instead, I browsed some of my favorite sites online and decided what would work best and what we would most likely to continue to do and just made a weekly plan. I change the letter focus each week, and that's it... our phonics K plans.

On Monday, I will introduce the Letter of the Week, both in circle time and in their lesson time (after the big kids are busy with their own stuff). This is mainly just showing them the letter in various forms, them having a chance to point it out on our circle time chart and some practice saying the sound it makes. They know 90% of the alphabet, so this is review/solidifying knowledge. Also during circle time we will do the Exercise Card (from Homeschool Share) the number of times that matches our number of the week. Then we will do a fun, open ended craft... for example, on "a" week we will paint an apple pictures. This means I give them a sheet of paper with an outline of an apple and they go at it with paint and a brush.We are starting with the vowels, and then following Get Ready for the Code's letter order, so when we get to consonants we will be working our way through the Code workbooks and coloring an "itsy bitsy book" each week.
On Tuesday, we will review the letter, both in circle time and lesson time. I will put out their letter bag (our version of Montessori sound bins). We will play "I Spy" with the Letter of the Week, and paste an "a" into a "book".
On Wednesday, we will stamp the Letter of the Week on paper in various creative ways. For example, on "a" week, I will give them all of our "a" stamps, a green cut out of a tree, and red ink. We will play our Phonics Path game, and they will play a bit on Starfall.
On Thursday, they will color a Letter of the Week color page (I created these a long time ago for Kaytie and Nate). They will put together an ABC puzzle (we have several different kinds), find the letter in a bag (I have a small cloth bag that I will toss several wooden or plastic letters in and they will have to find the letter by touch), make a piece of a "letter lapbook", which will mean coloring (they both LOVE to color), stamping, painting or some such crafty fun.
On Friday, they will sort "Letter of the Week" not "Letter of the Week"; find and circle the Letter of the Week on sheets that I make (probably by hand); and do a couple of activities that vary by week.
There will be a little bit of variety, in that I am pulling some stuff from Confessions of a Homeschooler and am using a few freebies (mostly Bible stuff) from 1+1+1=1, but this will be based on how well our "themes" match up and will all be coloring sheets or some sort of "game" that I can just toss in a workbox and let them do.

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Wendi said...

I love how you have broken this down...I am planning to use some of the printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler and 1+1+1=1 also...mostly for my soon to be

Btw, I have given you a blog award, stop by my blog if you want to check it out :)


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