Aug 8, 2010

Our Learning Room 2010

This week, the Not Back to School Bloghop is doing my very favorite topic of all homeschooling topics... Schoolrooms!!! I love to look into other people's schoolrooms, to drool, to get ideas, and just to enjoy. :)

I posted pictures of ours on last year's bloghop, but this summer, my husband helped me organize, enlarge, and re-vamp the room. AND he made us a couple of pieces of furniture that will make our school days not only easier, but more fun.

So without further ado, here are the pictures of our room.

IMG_1291.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

Our schoolroom is one half of the back room in our house (the playroom takes up the other half), we divided it with cabinets and a table and left enough room in between to walk through, so as you enter the schoolroom, you start with our library basket. All library books belong in here. As you can see, it often overflows. Above the basket, where, in theory, they will see it often, is a poster with our family rules. The smudge you see (and will see elsewhere in the room) is a shell sticker, only it was apparently too small to photograph well. We are doing an entire year of oceans for science, so I decorated accordingly.

IMG_1286.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

These cabinets hold all of their "free choice" items. When their required work has been finished, they can choose anything from here to use in whatever (respectful) way they want. 

Here are a couple of up close looks at the top,

IMG_1289.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
(weighed bears and a balance scale; geometric solids; a collection of play and real money; pattern blocks and a cardstock version of Montessori Large Number Cards)
IMG_1288.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
(a cupful of beans for math games; All About Spelling cards; Jenga, which we use as Khiva blocks; Joey Joey; Russian dolls that we made last year; and a tray full of puzzles)

 and the inside.

IMG_1322.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
(Math U See blocks; a bag of tanagrams; rulers; animal counters; a wipe-off clock; Alphabet Bingo; a sound sort; Cuisinaire rods and book to go with; shape blocks; all of our lacing beads and cards; a shoe-tying shoe; and sewing basket)

IMG_1323.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
(geo boards; Bendaroos; insects and cards; sign language book with flashcards; a "make 10" puzzle that I made; math cubes; a peg board with pegs; a dressing bear; tic tac toe game; insect life-cycle wheel; and a big collection of magnets and magnetic stuff)

Here we have a couple of pocket charts, our dry-erase, magnetic easel, a bin of clipboards and dry erase boards, and in the crate, 

IMG_1297.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_1299.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

reference books such as a children's dictionary, an atlas, "extra" Bible story books, and all of our insect/flower/bird guides. Under the easel are two baskets of magnetic pieces and all of our Leapfrog Toys.
On the end is a roll of butcher paper that comes in handy occasionally.

Next, we have this cabinet...

IMG_1304.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_1327.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
Which holds all of our storage. The top shelf is Geography. The next shelf is Science. Then comes Language Arts, and a big shelf of Miscellaneous, and Math on the bottom.

IMG_1302.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

This guy lives on top of the cabinet. He is a puzzle that was given to us, but is too difficult for the kids to put together, so Steve put it together and set it up here for us all to enjoy. It gives a museum-y feeling to the room. :)

Here is the side of the cabinet, where I have a weather chart that we use sometimes and some more ocean pictures.
IMG_1314.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

The line across the window is for hanging the kids' artwork to dry or to display.

IMG_1307.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

And below it we have our flannelgraph board and our Circle Time board. The three buckets are for working on place value.

IMG_1308.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

In the tubs under the shelf I have art supplies (felt, yarn, googly eyes, etc) that we only use occasionally, and seasonal manipulatives and supplies. On top of the tubs are All About Spelling letter cards and some number cards that we use for sequencing numbers and building 100 charts. Beside the tubs are playdough toys and a basket of aprons for messy art work.

Next we have the kids' art drawers. This is where we keep everything they are allowed to use without supervision. On top are our CDs, a devotional Bible and a dustpan and bucket full of pompoms to sweep.
IMG_1309.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

IMG_1310.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
(stencils, cute paper, glue sticks, pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, and scissors)

IMG_1311.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins
(coloring books and kits, stamps, inkpads, crayons and our new crayon cookies that we made yesterday)
In the bottom drawer are notebooks, pads of paper, stickers, paper scraps and work in progress, but it is VERY messy, so I did not snap a picture. :}

Next, we have the built-in bookshelf. On top is our inflatable globe (if it looks saggy that is because someone took a bite out of Hawaii and it no longer holds air as well as it should), a stack of Spanish teacher guides that were way too heavy for the regular shelf, boxes of embroidery thread and two boxes of storage for out-of-season stamps and punches and funky scissors.

IMG_1315.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

The next shelf holds all my books, notebooks, and binders. The blue bins hold paints, bingo markers, clay, glue bottles and other art supplies that the kids use but only with permission; binoculars; bubbles; and paintbrushes. In the last bin on top are all of our Alphabet Bags.

IMG_1316.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

The blue hardware drawers hold all of my teeny supplies for filling boxes. I have dice, beads, game pieces, craft sticks, safety pins, small wooden cubes, wipe off crayons, chalk, and all sorts of similar stuff. Beside that are their pencil boxes which will contain a pencil, big eraser, and a box of 24 crayons. Next is our Memory Verse cards. The drawers on the end hold small containers to use in workboxes and free choice offerings, our calendar pieces, chore cards and our timeline pieces.
The bottom three shelves hold all the workboxes. The top row will be for the two little kids and the bottom rows will belong to the two big kids.

IMG_1317.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

Then we have the kids' computer station. Their daddy built them that little desk, which is the perfect size for their laptop. They can pull a chair up when it is their turn for computer time and the trashcan fits neatly underneath. 
We are studying U.S. geography this year, so the map will be handy for that. And if you can see the blue line on the wall, that is going to be our History timeline. I am still making the pieces for it, though.

IMG_1318.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

Right beside their computer is my computer, with printer on top. The trays will hold work-in-progress for me and work they have finished that needs to be filed away in their binders. In the various cubbies in the desk are paper, pens, things I need to keep track of, scratch pads, etc. Underneath is all of our various types of printer paper and a bin full of such things as a stapler, a paper trimmer, a hole punch, a pencil sharpener and my label maker.
IMG_1319.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

Next to the desk is my worktable. It holds my big binder, anything I am in the process of working on (it currently holds the books I am plugging into our plans, some items that need to be sorted into the Alphabet Bags and a jar that the kids are convinced holds insect eggs...)
On the "bulletin board" is my daily chore list and more ocean pictures.

IMG_1321.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

Under the table is storage for flannelgraph pieces and library books. Kaytie's sewing bag and our art bag are also under here.
IMG_1330.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

On the end of the table hangs another pocket chart. We use this one for putting our "chore cards" in every morning so the kids can remember what they have not yet done...
IMG_1329.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

And finally, the other thing that Daddy built for us... a table big enough for everyone!!! The kids love working on it. I think it's cute, and it feels like everyone has more space. He is thinking about building them some chairs to go along with it... out of wood so they will have a harder time destroying them... maybe.

IMG_1326.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

That is our schoolroom. I hope you enjoyed the tour, and be sure to check out all the other awesome schoolrooms on the bloghop!


Marsha said...

I'm drooling over all of your storage and shelves! Thanks for the tour!

alecat said...

You've set that up wonderfully! What a great invitation to get the children learning. :)

Catherine (aka alecat, Australia)

Wendi said...

Your schoolroom looks great!

joelle said...

Once again you did it. It all looks so neat and great! We will want to have school at your place. You guys have done a great job. Have a great Year!

Deb said...

Wow - you really manage to make every square inch of that room work for you! I LOVE the idea of the "free choice" items. I think I will implement that idea around here.

Patriots of the Republic Academy said...

I also love looking at 'school rooms'. You have done a great job!!

I came over to let you know I fixed the memory verse links at my Blog. Sorry about that!

Julie said...

Looks great! I have been agonizing over a timeline for this year, just can't decide on what type will be best for us. Isn't it a blessing to have a handy husband? I know you guys will have a super year.

rawbanana said...

Great space! I love the 'clothesline' art display idea, may have to steal that one! Thanks for sharing!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It's nice that your husband is so handy. You've got a great space, and such nice, organized storage areas, too. It looks like you're all set for a fun, blessed school year.

Jen said...

This looks great! I love your flannel board and circle time board :)

Brenda said...

OK, first of all, you have given me 2 really good ideas for how/where to hang my pocket chart!!! Thank you. I would have never thought of hanging it off the table but that would work perfectly!
Also, I like how you didn't just line everything up around the walls of the room. You really fit a lot in there! It looks great.

Corrie said...

Love all your storage. Thanks so much for sharing your space. I also love the idea of sweeping up pom poms. I will be using that soon with my littlest one! Thanks again!

AmyBarkerPhoto said...

For only using 1/2 of a room it must be a huge room cause I love how much room you have. I have only a 1/2 room to work with also, you need to come to Iowa and help me LOL!
I love your space! I have that same dino hanging out in my house also!!

Debbie said...

Fellow Crew Member Here! FM Debbie
Saw you link after mine in the forum on the post about school rooms.

Great Room. Made me a little jealous. Love all your stuff. I now only have 2 older boys doing school so all those fun games, puzzles and manipulatives are put away for the grandkids. Love your setup. Seems you have a wonderful handy hubby. Tell him I said so. :) I am sure you and your kiddos will have a great year.

Robin said...

Love your room! I am so jealous of all the storage and workboxes you have. Beautiful! Following from the Hop!

love2teach2day said...

Thanks so much for giving me the link to your schoolroom. It's FANTASTIC! And what a handy husband you have! ;)

LaughingLioness said...

Love your schoolroom- my school room blog is one of my most popular posts, too! I'm your newest follower and fellow Crew member!


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