Aug 18, 2010

Our Schoolroom... Where Life... I mean Learning Happens

So after the schoolroom edition of the NBTS Bloghop, I heard a lot of comments about moms feeling inadequate and envious because of all the clean and tidy and perfect pictures that they saw. I don't think that those particular moms were talking about my room, but I thought about all the time I spent arranging my room just so before I took any pictures, and I felt a little bad about that.
So today, I was planning science for next term and the kids ran outside. I turned around and saw...


IMG_1485resized.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

so I took a picture to show you what our room looks like in "real life".

IMG_1491resized.jpg picture by 4littlepenguins

and another shot from under the table.

At least when they are doing this, they are not figuring out new and creative ways to pull the living room curtains off the wall!


Jen said...

Ha! Yup, our learning room is a mess again too :)

Kristi said...

LOVE this post! Reality is always great to see.


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