Aug 2, 2010

An Overview of Next Year

Not Back to School Blog Hop
I really enjoyed participating in the Not Back to School Blog Hop last year, so I have been keeping my eye out for it so I can participate again this year. I'm glad it is starting with curriculum because that is something I am ready to share about! Actually, I've been holding off posting about it so I can link up with the NBtSBH.
I like to do a lot of hype at the beginning of the year and get everyone excited about promoting to a new grade and what they will get to learn about next. I point out that they get to do more difficult tasks because they are older and in a higher grade. They eat it up, of course, and brag all summer about getting to move to the next grade and work harder. I don't know how long this will work, but as long as it does, I'll keep using it! :)
This year, our second and third grade line up looks like this:
Math: Math U See Beta with a supplement of tons of games and little Math Mammoth. We will finish up Beta 'round about Christmas holidays, and then we will start Gamma.
Grammar: First Language Lessons Level Two. We tried to finish both levels last year, but we kept falling farther and farther behind and I finally decided that we weren't going to do it "just to do it" so we finished up Level One, took some weeks off and will work through Level Two this year.
Spelling: All About Spelling. We will finish Level One, and move on to Level Two when we're done. I would like to finish Level Two right about the end of the year, but I'm not going to either push or drag my feet on it. Right now, I am kind of dragging my feet, waiting until we have the money to buy the next level even though what they are doing is mostly review for them.
Writing: We will be doing a little... very little, creative writing this year. Kaytie loves to write, and she does it on her own. Nate is not that excited about it, and I don't push him much, yet. Even though he is a rising second grader he is only six, and he's a boy, AND he is math-minded, not language minded. I'm not in any big hurry. What they do write will be on their blogs.
Handwriting: Peterson Directed Handwriting. Expect a review soon...
History: We will be finishing up Story of the World vol. 1. I do so love this curriculum!
Reading: Both will be reading aloud to me a certain amount each day. We are working our way through Patricia M. St. John books which were books that I absolutely loved as a child.
Geography: I am really rather glad to be done with World Geography. It was a lot harder than I expected to come up with great resources each week. This year, we are strolling casually (not cantering at all!) through the United States. I found a "formula" that will work for us and a website with all the printables I wanted and the only stress is library books.
Bible: The kids love their Bible Study Guide for All Ages, so we will continue on with them. They also have a verse a week to memorize, and they read their Bibles on their own every day.
Latin: We are going to try Prima Latina again. They understand the very basic basics of grammar now, so hopefully we will have more success.
Art: I am not very artistic, and I have a hard time with crafts that expect a certain result. If we are crafting because our science or history subject calls for it, I will go with result-directed crafts. Otherwise, their crafting consists of pulling out supplies and having at it. My sister-in-law and I are having a co-op this year, and she will be doing art, so I am not even going to worry about it at all this year. Kaytie, however, has been spending a lot of time sketching lately, so I found a copy of Drawing with Children to work through with her. I haven't yet decided if it is going to be mandatory for everyone yet or not.
As far as Art Appreciation, we are going to try picture study again with the art suggestions found here.
Spanish: The kids are interested in learning Spanish. I have found it difficult to teach them a language I do not know. This week, my brother gave me some Spanish materials he found, so I am going to try to pull them together into something coherent. It is mostly a handful of "picture books" in Spanish, a teacher's guide, a work book, and an answer book. None of them have anything to do with each other, but they all seem fairly basic. It'll be fun. :)
Music: piano lessons for the big kids, and listening to classical music for everyone!

The little kids are going to be doing:
Phonics: that I am pulling together from here and here and here and here and from my own fertile brain. (sorry, I have no link for the last one ;) )
Math: that I am pulling together from what games and manipulatives we have and my record of what Kaytie and Nate did in kindergarten.
Social Studies: which means they will be learning about emotions, families, the community, rules, manners, and such fun stuff. I created a curriculum for Kaytie and Nate and will be re-using it for Daniel and Abbie.
Bible: their own level of Bible Study Guide and ABC memory verses from here. I plan to use our flannel graph board for the stories.
Handwriting: they will also be using Peterson's.
Everybody will be doing science together. We are excited because we will be spending the whole year on oceans with Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. After a family discussion, it was decided that we would do a year-long notebook instead of a bunch of lapbooks, and that everyone would contribute to one big book instead of everybody doing their own book. We are going to be doing as many Download N Gos as I can afford and doing everything we can find from Homeschool Share.
We are also, as a family, going to be doing a "health" unit on germs, manners, good and bad habits, exercise, healthy eating, and a tour of bones, internal organs and the like.
(It sounds like a lot, I know, but we won't be doing every subject every day. We hold it all together with Charlotte Mason's idea of short lessons and with our version of workboxes.)
That is how we are starting out, at any rate... check back about this time next year to find out how it went! And while you are waiting, go check out the Not Back to School Blog Hop!


Wendi said...

Your curriculum line-up looks great...and very similar to ours.

We are beginning the Bible Study Guide for All Ages this looks like a great Bible curriculum! We are also doing FLL (FLL1 for dd6, FLL for ds8)...hoping we like FLL3 as much as we liked FLL1&2 :)

Kysha said...

Everything looks great! We are incorporating our version of the Workbox system this year also. Looking forward to reading more!

Karin Katherine said...

I'm going to be using Bible Study Guide for all ages this year too. It will be our first year! Glad to hear it was such a hit. It looks FANTASTIC

joelle said...

Your line up looks great! We are trying Prima Latina as well, let's see how that goes. . . And as always I love your new design!

Jen said...

Sounds like a great plan!


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