Sep 2, 2010

Back to School... Fall of 2010

We started our new school year on Monday. The kids were very excited to "move up a grade" and to start new subjects and topics. We didn't have a "Back to School Bash" like we usually do, but the first day was pretty exciting anyway.

The workboxes, all loaded and ready to go.

Their supply boxes and their "welcome" signs, waiting for them to discover.

The fun of opening their box and seeing their new pencil, eraser, and crayons.

Welcome to 3rd Grade, Kaytie!!!

Welcome to 2nd Grade, Nate!!!

Welcome to Kindergarten, Daniel!!!

Welcome to Preschool, Abbie!!!

Despite camera malfunctions (thankfully Daddy was home and fixed it) and Abbie spending most of the day in the bathroom and needing Mommy's help, and some struggles with being a "big kid" and having to do stuff that was "too hard", it was a great first day and everything flowed remarkably smoothly. It's nice having a few years under our belt and knowing how we tick and being able to implement the routine that works for us.
And after supper, we celebrated with cookies and coke floats! An awesome way to finish off an incredible first day back to school.

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Jeanne said...

So nice to read about your first day and to see some of the exciting moments.

We think and talk about you often. Please apologise to Kaytie for our slowness in replying to her last email. It is my fault, not Jemimah's, and we will be in touch very soon. Pinky promise, as Jemimah would say!


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